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my story

In 2013, my life had crashed around my ears.

After struggling with a lifetime of anxiety and depression, my marriage broke down and I was contemplating losing everything I loved and had worked so hard for so many years. I was at an all time low, I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and could not find a way out of the black hole in front of me, I could not find any hope for the present or the future.

By chance, I came across a book - 'The Inside Out Revolution' by Michael Neill. 

The book was my introduction to 'The 3 Principles' a description of how the mind/ life works, and the true nature of every human being.

I didn't really understand the book on an intellectual level at first, but I knew there was truth there and something had touched me, deeply, profoundly inside.

And my life began to change. I began to feel a glimmer of hope again.

I continued to read other books, I contacted Michael and began to attend some of his programs. 

I began to feel different, lighter.

As a result of a simple insight at this time, the lifelong 'difficult' relationship with my Father (who I had become the carer of) changed almost overnight from immensely challenging to loving and joyful which remained until he died some months later.

I began to see how I had created so much limitation in my life, I saw (from a deep level of insight) how I had innocently believed this idea of myself as being 'not good enough', in relationships, my work and family life. I saw myself as being broken in some way.

And it stopped me from seeing the real me. 

It stopped me from seeing possibilities.

It stopped me from seeing the bigger game of life.

It stopped me from seeing my true potential.

It stopped me from seeing that I was (and was always) being guided.

I began to show up in the world with this new understanding of who I was and what I could be capable of.

All of a sudden life got easier - relationships, work, family. Life became richer, deeper and more meaningful.


For the last eight years I have been so impacted, my life transformed so profoundly that I have been moved to share this understanding with anyone with ears to listen. From business leaders in China, Middle East, The US and Europe to Schools in the UK, Military veterans, Mental Health charities, and private individuals. I am so privileged to get to witness such deep transformation in other's lives as a result of this simple, kind, deep conversation.

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