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Executive Coaching can be one of the most important practices in an organization's development. In one-on-one or group coaching with the leadership team.


With a deep understanding State of Mind and the invisible variables that always impact performance, we work together to unlock previously unrealised capabilities in the leaders, bringing out the best in them and in their teams more of the time, resulting in new possibilities for the organisation.

I help organisations identify and clarify areas that feel problematic, then with understanding, help facilitate the space for insightful, innovative solutions to come forward.

"For businesses, I can’t think of any more powerful understanding than these principles. Leaders get to see where their clarity, creativity, and productivity come from and what can sometimes get in the way.  The solutions are at their very fingertips. They just need a deeper understanding to know how to access what is already available to them."
–Stef Cybichowski 

"Stef has helped me to view my career creatively and with understanding, and as a result, my work continues to move from unfulfilling to fulfilling. He has also empowered me to recognise insecurity for what it is, so that it no longer impedes my progress in my professional life."

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