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Team Programs

Deep-diving with teams is one of my biggest passions. To explore the 'Inside Out' nature of life and the Human Operating System, watching how a greater understanding of how we work, will result in better team relationships, communication, synergy and innovative, inspired solutions.

We structure a 3-part custom program - an initial intake phase where we aim to get a deep understanding of the organisation, it's vision, it's goals and challenges. We then spend time working with the team in a workshop sharing an understanding of the 'Inside Out' nature of the Mind, and then a facilitation phase where we help the business apply their new understanding to help the organisation move effectively toward it's vision.

"My team asked for a second workshop citing they had never experienced training so deep, so informative and so stress-free and easily absorbed. In fact, for three of my senior executives, I can say Stef's workshops were life-changing."

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