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Personal Coaching

Is there anything better than that feeling of a deep connection with another human being? To sit in a quiet space and explore how the Mind and life really works. We create a space for insight, for inner realisation. This space is capable of changing the way we see ourselves and the world around us.  Consequently, our lives begin to unfold in an easier, more graceful feeling. Guided by life instead of resisting it. The path to a deeper, richer, more meaningful experience of life.

My one-on-one work is some of the most gratifying work for me. Be it a business executive aspiring to be a better leader, an entrepreneur wanting to create something beautiful in the world, an adult who wants to find a way to reduce their suffering, or child with seeming behavioral issues, the shift and growth comes from the same source; they just need know where to look to finally see how it all works. 

"In my personal life, the space that Stef points to so beautifully has enabled me to enjoy a more meaningful relationship with my family but especially with my partner. We now have an extremely powerful connection and devotion to one another because we can view our relationship with compassion and love, even through the hard times, and this really is the most precious gift he could have ever given me. I cannot recommend his services highly enough."

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